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DW Rural Agencies have an experienced team of shearers, wool handlers, classers, and pressers. We offer cost-plus and full contract options for our clients. While we have an experienced team, we strongly believe in ongoing training and development for all staff to support a stronger future for the industry. 

Shearing & Crutching


Mobile Cage Dipping & Jetting Machine

We offer a mobile hydraulic cage sheep dip and a jetting machine, servicing NSW and Southern QLD. Our dip is designed to offer a low-stress, cost-effective treatment of lice in sheep. For reliable results, our full immersion cage dip is the most effective way to eradicate lice. Back lining, plunge dipping, and jetting alone will only provide a temporary knock-down solution. We can run ewes and lambs together to reduce the risk of infestation and save you time mustering and yarding your flock. 

The dip has been designed to save on chemical usage without the risk of stripping or overflowing water. The hydraulic drying table catches runoff and returns it to the tank. Chemical mixing rates are closely monitored and easily maintained due to the construction of the dip. The dip is self-contained fully mobile units. Our fleet of trucks is equipped with GPS, quality pumps, tanks, and hoses. The entire setup can be moved to anywhere on your farm that suits you.

"Our Sheep dip is a self-contained fully mobile unit"
The baby of the fleet is our custom-made high-pressure jetting machine. We found that other jetting options didn’t give us the coverage we wanted to provide to our customers. There is often a period where wool growth and shearing dates can outrun the recommended chemical rates for dipping. With the jetting machine, we can confidently offer our clients full coverage on long wool sheep. Our design ensures correct water pressure and gives an extra dosage of lice and fly treatments such as Coopers Blow Fly & Lice. This option can be used in conjunction with the dip on a yearly basis or can be booked for unplanned lice infestations of long wool and is the most effective way to protect your sheep against fly strike.

Lamb Marking Labour Hire

We provide a team for lamb marking, labour hire for animal husbandry (drenching, mustering, etc.), tractor and/or machinery driving, and general farm work.

Our team is happy to come to your site with our self-contained lamb marking equipment.  Our cradles are designed to be set up anywhere on your farm and can be easily moved between yards and farms, reducing your mustering time.

We offer a gas knife technique or rubber bands depending on your preference. Our team members are trained and qualified to ensure that, at all times, industry best practice is carried out ensuring the welfare of your lambs and the overall health of the flock. We encourage best practice methods in treating sheep for blowfly control. Tail docking of lambs is recommended and we are able to ensure this is done properly with little stress to the animal.

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